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Fat Wreck Chords

As The Eternal Cowboy

by Against Me!

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You get more beard for your buck on this Fat debut from Florida’s most mysterious anarcho-punks. Life is fleeting, but this cowboy is eternal!


released November 4, 2003



all rights reserved


Against Me! Gainesville, Florida


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Track Name: T.S.R.
The parties over, a cd skipping, it’s the same song repeating, grows more grating with each passing second...And the walls contain a resonation, laughter, and conversation, it was fun while it lasted, but now we should be going. I hope everybody had a real good time, the hospitality’s partaken, my head is flying my hearts racing to keep up. I hope I haven’t overdone it. I hope my body can take it, I hope I make the occasion, it’s only this fucked up I start realizing all this living is just dying and if these are my friends, if this is my home, if this is how I spend my nights, how I communicate, and demonstrate a love of life. My eyes roll into the back of my head, if these are the last words that I ever said, no I’m not ready to die just yet.
Track Name: Cliché Guevara
And we’ll keep ourselves in a place where it’s easy to hold onto. The last threats came and went, this is the way that wars are played. Always heading for a front, heading for a front, we go into the obscurity of an easy to pass on feeling that objection is so cliche. So can your pop sensibilities sing me the end of the world? Turn Gunshots and mortar blasts into a metaphor of how we are all the same. Well there’s a lot of things that should be said, so we’re hammering six strings, machine gun in audible voices, this is the party we came for. We stand in amazement of motion in a world that is constantly revolving. With plans of invasion and arms races racing we rock to the new sensation...a new way on?
Track Name: Mutiny On The Electronic Bay
It’s an into the sunrise aesthetic, let’s pretend this is an informed consent. That class division doesn’t make an infantry, there is no incentive, no franchise opportunities. And the magazine spreads of fashion models gas masks in hand, it’s ok, it’s alright, these are situations we learn to live in. When an invasion can bring a country its freedom, then unconsciousness is true happiness, no, I don’t know what to say....
Track Name: Sink, Florida, Sink
Not one more word tonight, between here and there, we’ll put a distance the size of the ocean so now this heart can beat a skipping rhythm. As the cadence carries me I almost drift a way far enough to forget that when it comes you cannot hesitate. And when found I will write an account and seal it in an envelope addressed to your last know residence. And we sink, and we drown, and what is lost can never be found, well these arms did swim until the lungs pulled in, the panic was lost in a deep understanding that you will see what is wrong with everything, what is wrong with you and me, they make all the right reasons to fuck it up, you’re gonna fuck it up.
Track Name: Slurring The Rhythms
There was no cameras brought for pictures to hold all the small details. We left them all behind. There was a place for and there was a time for and now we arrive and leave again, there is no point in a keepsake when you run from collections. I know one day there will be a book or a song line to remind me how much it meant to be hungry, exhausted, and alone. Destination is a point, destination is a purpose, desperation is a reason to live...and this makes a heart beat. This could be any day of any year. This could be any stage in any city. All that matters is we are moving on. The roadside graveyards pass and we escape repeating. The construction of a nation building up and the destruction of a nation tearing down to build again. Trailing taillights like the ghosts of the past en route to arrival. We are never going home.
Track Name: Rice And Bread
How can you not find everything you need in all of this? Potatoes, rice, and bread, we’ll burn it as we take it in. Sing your heart out, sing it like you mean it, your gonna sing everything your thinking, and your gonna sing it until they’re listening. ‘Cause if it really brings us all together, I’d say that settles all arguments of difference, surviving just by questioning, can you imagine if we all started demanding. I can play along to every record, front and back every song, and every word means as much to me as every word means to you. They can make an industry selling people the things they want to hear, if this is worth anything, we will sell it for humility, it will take us farther than the posture your fronting.
Track Name: Unsubstantiated Rumors…
I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t think you’d understand, how things can get so fucked up with such good intentions. If roofs turn to sky, held by the gravity of nothing, an ironic and literal making of a bed. You can walk away, but there is a reason to stay. They make bad jokes, it’s okay not to laugh. For every push forward, feels like you get the same fucking push back. When you had no where to go, you found someplace, now with nothing to say you start lying what the fuck was I thinking (you ask) I’m not sorry...I’d do it all again. Now with all the lines so blurred between hate, love, and revenge these are just dead feelings.
Track Name: You Look Like I Need A Drink
In the closest alley, in the first doorway, pushed up against her and closed his eyes. He said, “This is probably the worst decision that I’ve ever made.” She laughed and smiled. She said, “I’m sure you do this all the time... right?” As the morning came and the city woke into the building people all went to work, as their rides out of town came they parted ways she said, “Do you know when your coming back again?” Dig it deeper, deeper, and farther still, bury it up and over and into the ground, all these lies will grow in ways that we never thought possible. If you quiet down, it’s so soft of a sound, you can hear it all coming back after you. Now you want to take it back, you think you might have fucked up. Waking dreams of concrete, deafening panic, cracked skull, there is yelling all around, get up, get up please start breathing and the moment will come when you finally realize the results of decisions and choices in your life, you hear it all coming back after you.
Track Name: Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
Sleep on pillows made in Singapore, wrapped in comforters, sweating through sheets. Drink your coffee in the morning, flown in on airplanes across vast seas. Your houses made of wood, central air, central heat, your furniture of particle board, your doors are locked for safety. You walk in leather shoes, pants of denim a black cotton sweat shirt. You do what you do cause doing can start to form a habit. You drink all night long, sleep through the morning if something doesn’t break I’m just going to go fucking insane. You sweep and mop the floor when it’s dirty, do the dishes when the sinks full and when the refrigerator’s empty well it’s time to go to the store. Put your books on a shelf, clothes arranged in the closet, you hang the things on the walls that you don’t want to be so easily forgotten. I hate these songs, I hate the words that the singer is singing to me, I hate this melody, I hate this stupid fucking drum beat. But I’m not going to tell anyone what I’m really thinking about, keep them conversations on the surface just keep on smiling just keep on saying everything’s going to be alright.
Track Name: Cavalier Eternel
Girl, I’m sorry but I’m leaving. We’re both at fault, we’re both to blame. It wasn’t the other men, ‘cause there were other women. This just isn’t love, it’s just the remorse of a loss of a feeling. Even if I stayed it just wouldn’t be the same. Double this drink up into the tallest glass you got, you know I ain’t used to sleeping all alone. Gonna make it to the moon tonight on a one way kamikaze flight. If I could get so high I leave behind my problems, take em out with the empty bottles. (repeat chorus) Me and this guitar are going swingin’ blind into the unknown. You know a song and a stage is all I ever needed of a home. Someday I will call from a payphone in a truck stop on the road and you’ll tell me how much better off you’ve been on your own.